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Feedback on the training with Simultrain

Feedback from a participant of the training with Simultrain

Interesting feedback on training with Simultrain conducted for more than 500 employees of the Eurocopter Group. 

Feedback on the international project in training using Simultrain held for the Eurocopter Group.

A world leader in helicopter manufacturing

 The education project began when the Eurocopter Group company after it had become the world leader in the construction of helicopters for civilian and institutional segments, has started using increasingly French, German and Spanish employees to work on major international projects to preserve the environment.

In order to both optimize and increase the effectiveness of teamwork, we were looking for such a software and educational product that will enable to learn our staff to non-standard approaches in the standard projects.

We needed to find a new way to manage projects, without rejecting but harmonizing our already existing practice of project management.

To solve this interesting problem we had to find a reliable partner, able to support this project in three different languages in different countries.

It should be noted that we are always looking for innovative solutions that enable our employees to learn through play, and to be independent in this training regardless of their competence level or their member profile specifics.

Therefore, it is Demos & STS became our partners in this very ambitious international project of corporate training. Possibilities of their international offices allowed us to quickly find the best teachers in the business training in each country where the project was carried out.

We particularly appreciated the offer to use the simulator SimulTrain ® in Project Management Training in addition to our own internal training courses.

Unbelievable, but more than 500 leaders and members of our projects have been involved in the training and attended business trainings with SimulTrain ®.

The simulator showed itself a practical tool, importance and usefulness of which all members of the project and training highly appreciated.