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Project management with the Simulator SimulTrain

SimulTrain is a training software product developed by the Swiss company STS specifically for business training.

This is a simulator software that allows to train managers and executives how to manage a project. It is not to be confused with Microsoft Project, the goals and objectives of these two programs are very different. SimulTrain needs you to train how to manage a project, and the Microsoft Project software is useful for conducting the project.

STS  is  the company being a global leader in training services to practice project management, conduct training using Simultrain in 12 languages in 30 countries, including in Russia since in 2006.

At the present time, there are more than 70,000 people that have been trained. This is a huge number of trained persons within a relatively short period of time, given the specialization - project management that we are talking about.

The LiCO company is the STS’s largest partner in Russia. And it presents several STS project management products, including SimulTrain on the Russian market.

If to explain further: SimulTrain is a software, computer simulator, which is used in trainings for project management. When training pilots there are also used flight simulators, to work out some skills still on the ground.

Also, without investing millions of rubles in real project, you have the possibility to polish skills with Simultrain, to master in practice aircraft control techniques for "ultramodern aircraft", of course a project.

Similarly, the simulator for training in project management is used to train project managers.

During the training course, the trainer using SimulTrain offers to trainees many situations and problems that typically arise in a project manager in the course of each project. Through the use of SimulTrain, trainees immediately see the consequences of the decisions that they make while managing their his projects.

SimulTrain is successfully integrated into the LiCO’s training programs. Duration of the course is one and a half - two days - three days. The group of trainees of 16 people shall be divided into four subgroups. In subgroups, they are working directly with SimulTrain.

We propose you to familiarize yourself with the LiCO training course “Project management with the aid of the Simulator SimulTrain.

A more detailed information on SimulTrain please see our presentation.
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