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Project Management. Skills and Techniques

Purpose: Project management skills and techniques mastered by the program’s participants.

Methodology: Interactive presentation of information, group and individual tasks, role playing, case study analysis.

Duration: 2 days


Project planning

1. Project work features. The concept of a "project".

  • The organization of the project work.
  • Characteristics of a project.

2. Definition of lists with purposes: the project review.

  • Procedure of objectives formalization.
  • Definition of the project purposes.
  • Making a list of the "customer" purposes and "our" purposes.
  • Preliminary determination of the necessary resources.
  • Assumptions and risks of the project.

3. Requirements to a project and to its plan.

  • Organizational structure of a project. Visualizing the structure of the project and its composition. Relations inside the project structure.
  • The methods to draw the priorities chart.
  • Alienable workflow.

4. Sequence of completing the project assignments.

  • Dividing into assignments – layering.
  • Evaluation of the time required to complete an assignment.
  • Estimating the costs to complete an assignment.
  • Checklist to monitor the quality of project specification.

5. The terms of reference of the project.

  • Appointment.
  • Format.
  • Project Name.
  • Project manager.
  • Operating schedule.
  • Project Cost Estimation.
  • Estimating income and expenditures for the project.

Project implementation

6. The distribution of responsibilities to perform work assignments.

  • Schedule the tasks.
  • Responsibility of every member of the working group for the project stages.
  • "Petals" of responsibility.
  • Assumptions, risks in the project. Roles and functions in the project.

7. Organization of the working group on the project.

  • Determine requirements to the staff: selection of the working group.
  • The first information meeting.
  • The Project Manager "Schedule-Calendar".
  • "Consolidated Schedule Calendar" of the project participants.
  • Project Management beyond the functional boundaries of the organization.
  • Finding common ground with the working group members.

8. The  project participants management.

  • Formation and evolution of the working group.
  • Obstacles to effective communication.
  • Methods and incentives of different members of the project working group in order to drive their proactive participation.

9. Maintenance of the schedule of the project works.

  • Graphical reporting tools / Gantt chart.
  • The definition of controls.
  • Tracking the status of the project.

10. Completion of the project.

  • Prepare the conditions for completion of the project.
  • The project effectiveness evaluation.

Results of the training.