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Open workshops

Open (or public) training sessions suggest participation of employees from different companies. Education takes place in the form of business training according to the announced event program.

Open workshop as a form of training program is good for both to the companies which constantly hire additionally employees during the year, and to those who bring up their talent pool inside the company.

Thus, the customer has the opportunity to train during such public workshops not a whole group, but one to three experts in time convenient for it, knowing in advance the schedule of open trainings conducted by the LiCO company.

For example, you have five merchandisers and only two of them need to be trained in merchandising. In such a case, open workshop is the most convenient form of training for those employees.


  • applications are admitted from departments and employees of a company, groups of trainees are formed by topics and experience
  • determine the most convenient time and venue (city) to conduct the training session
  • determine the training  programs required for the employee and draw up the training schedule for the year;
  • trainings conducting;
  • get reports on training and possibly,  give recommendations how to develop a staff member.

    Number of participants in the group

7 to 15 people (optimal number is 10 to 12 people).

Training venue:

Open courses are usually held in the LiCO training centers in our conference rooms for trainings in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Depending on the training program: training will be held within 2 or 3 days.


The most frequent topics of open trainings sessions:

1. Process management and personnel in the sales.

2. Active sales.

3. Effective time management.

4. Working with key customers.

5. Effective presentations and speeches.

6. Effective merchandising.