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Corporate training



We conduct corporate training programs in any place convenient for our Customer.

The term "corporate training" means training program that takes place within the company, and its participants are employees of the same company. Such training courses can be also named "close training sessions", "in company" training programs’.

B2b and b2c business training programs differ in their orientation to different markets for the companies, - b2b are 'business' sales markets, b2c - work with single, separate, not a corporate customer. That is, b2c business works with private clients, individuals. And b2b and b2c training programs focus on different skills.

training team

Possible procedure to conduct a corporate training

1. Determine goals and objectives of a training program in the company, staff level, the company peculiarities, desired outcomes and results evaluation criteria;

2. Determine format, duration, timeline and location of training or continuous program.

3. Formation the training program itself, in user-friendly form;

4. Conduct the training;

5. Produce a report and maybe, give recommendations for the development of the participants.

6. Recommendations for after-training support and the support itself. Monitor if the training material is learned and applied after the course - either in person or through distance learning web portal.


Our standard group for corporate training numbers between 5 and 12 people.


They want all their employees to receive training, preferably at the same time and for the same amount of money.

But when the group reaches 20 or more people, it's no longer a workshop; it's a lecture! Are you sure this is what you want? If not, it would be better to divide your personnel into two teams.

Training venue: LiCO’s own training hall in Moscow or the conference room for trainings in St. Petersburg.

Training geography:

We've taught workshops everywhere, from Kamchatka to Yalta , and from Helsinki to Istanbul .

We can train your employees anyplace on Earth that's convenient for you.

When necessary, we will rent accommodation and a training venue.

Duration of training:

Typically one to five days, but the timeline is to be finalized in consultation with the client.


Please refer to the main topics of training programs conducted by the LiCO company.


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