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How to negotiate with maximum efficiency? 

How to achieve good interaction on the phone? 

How to succeed in the knowingly difficult negotiation? 

How to clarifythe customer situation in full to use this information in the future?..


In general, negotiations can be described as a form of communication between parties, aimed at achieving their goals by each of the parties. In addition, each party has a relatively equal opportunity both to have control over the situation and to make a decision.


Negotiations are conducted in the form of a business conversation on issues of interest to both parties, and they serve to establish corporate and personal relationship in business. Also, negotiations are often used as a method of settling disputes and issues unresolved till date.

Negotiations should not be underestimated as a tool, which is crucial in today's business world.

Corporate business negotiation trainings conducted by LiCO business coaches use an individual approach to each participant, which enables to carry out negotiation training taking into account topics the industry, and the level of training of negotiators.

LiCO business coaches experience since 1995 allows to organize public and corporate business negotiation trainings both for beginners and for professionals with the highest level of expertise who already need master class of difficult negotiations. Sales skills are developed at such a business seminar. The training program is especially useful in its negotiating part.

Effective negotiations there is an important training seminar for almost any employee of any department of the company, the difference is only whom they conduct negotiations with, the internal or external contractors. A purchaser, for example, needs a program to conduct business negotiations.