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Merchandising training

Visit of a point of sale by a visual merchandiser: good display, better representation.

The training program.

Purpose of the training: transfer of knowledge and  generation of skills of effective work of merchandisers in a point of sale.

Technique: The information modules are alternated with team and individual exercises.

Merchandiser job.

  • Basic terms and concepts.
  • Merchandiser role in the company.

Business visit procedure.

  • Stages of a business visit.
  • Advantages of procedure observing.


  • Preparation in the office /at home, before a point of sale.


  • Representation purpose.
  • Questions answered by the representation.


  • Objectives and outcomes of inspection.
  • Inspection of the shop floor, in the warehouse.

Fact finding.

  • Goals of this stage.
  • Types of questions and their use.
  • Basic skills of active listening.


  • Types of arguments.
  • Sources of arguments.

Dealing with objections.

  • 4 steps of work with objections.
  • Creation of a bank of answers to typical objections.


  • Merchandising rules.
  • Principles of merchandising.
  • Rule how to calculate optimally an order.

Customer behavior in the store.

  • Basic laws of movement on a shop floor.
  • Decompression zone.
  • Selection of the best places for additional / promo displays.

Training outcomes and a task for counseling support.