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Effective Sale

Active (effective) sales. Description of training program.

Business training of effective (active) sales

Any sales manager needs to be trained and regularly developed.

The course is designed for sales representatives, sales managers, and sellers in the b2b market.

Objective: To get skills and techniques to develop their work in sales and to create a system, negotiation skills development.

Technique: Lectures are varied with individual and group exercises. Practical work takes 75 % of time, lectures – only 25 percent.


Sales representative possibilities to improve their work.

  • Factors that influence work in products and services sales.
  • Work process analysis.
  • Your contribution to sale.
  • How to prepare to negotiations.

Sales methods.

  • Difference between customer-oriented and product-oriented sale.
  • Creating loyal relations with customer.
  • Signs of effective talks with customers.
  • "steps" of decision-making by a customer.

Customer situation clarification.

  • use questions.
  • questions types.
  • questions "funnel".


  • creating a bank of arguments.
  • choice of weighty arguments for customers.
  • method of supplying arguments to customers.
  • clarification of the benefits of our products for customer.

Objections consideration.

  • objections caused by customers.
  • methods to consider objections.
  • combating customer objections.

Considering the price.

  • discounts and lower prices influence to the company's income.
  • When we proceed to discuss prices.
  • Form to present the price.
  • Customer Retention.


  • The training program outcomes, the development plan of sales manager