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B2b sales

Sales and promotion

B2b sales and trainings to develop the necessary skills

  • How to sell more?
  • How to offer a product or a service?
  • How to prove that the product offered by a company, is better than one of competitors?
  • How to sell more expensive products?...

Any modern business is based on offering products and services to customers.

Exchange of a product manufactured or delivered by a company to the market, for money and back is a branch of activity called trade. Due to significant competition in most markets, companies have to look for the most effective ways to promote their products and services.

Most often, trading is conducted through a direct offer for sale — through sales assistants, sales managers, customer care managers, sales representatives, agents, etc. This is one of the most used ways. And there are just well-formed skills of salesmen - the company’s employees, who are on the front lines of interaction with customers, become a guarantee for successful business development.

LiCO’s corporate sales training programs have such a feature, as an individual approach to each trainee, that makes it possible to present your training material by the best way.

Practical expertise of the LiCO company on the training market since 1995 allows to conduct trainings in active sales and customer service for b2b market at a very high professional level.

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