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b2b customers service and care

Customer service and customer care

Empathetic and understanding pharmacist in a chemist’s shop, charming smile and pleasant voice of an office manager,no problems with the product in the tool shop, clean and tidy room in a hotel, home appliances repairman arrived in time, car mechanic efficient work and car care good advices — all of this always makes us feel good.

These and other elements of everyday consumer service cost little but are worth a lot.

A familiar term ‘service’ means nothing that a “SERVICE”, a “DUTY” to do for the benefit of a customer. Customer service involves doing business in such a way that consumers be satisfied. The most effective service is discreet, tidy and relevant. What's the big idea to open an office or a shop, to deliver merchandise on the shelf, or offer a b2b service, and it already means little to do active sales, it already means little to implement address delivery or answer the phone as a matter of routine, because there are plenty of stores, goods and services. Many of them are similar to each other. Competition in most industries is very high. And one of the main competitive advantages and key factors of a company success in the market can be service - particularly robust, streamlined, and demanded by consumers.

Business training programs in service and customer care conducted by the LiCO company are marked by a customized approach to each student, which contributes to feed material by the most effective way.

Practical expertise of the LiCO’s employees on the trainings market since 1995 allows to conduct corporate training programs in service and customer care in a professional manner.

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