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  • Training for individual companies: closed-door or corporate workshops
  • Open workshops for several companies at once, running on a schedule.

Target trainees:

  1. Top management
  2. Marketing and advertising executives
  3. Sales management
  4. Service management
  5. Sales staff
  6. Customer service staff
  7. Project managers and leaders


  • Sales Management
  • Human Resources Management for Industrial Businesses
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Management for Sales Businesses
  • Marketing Management
  • Process and Human Resources Management
  • Human Resources Management in Manufacturing
  • Time Management
  • Executive Time Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Convincing Argumentation
  • Project Management in Software Development and Implementation
  • Human Resources Management for IT Businesses
  • Managing Supervisors
  • Successful Presenting and Sampling
  • Successful Handling of Customer Resistance
  • Successful Argumentation
  • Successful Management
  • Successful Purchasing
  • Successful Speaking and Presenting
  • Successful Supervising
  • Successful Presenting for Medical Sales Reps
  • Successful POS Selling
  • Successful Selling of Package Consulting Solutions
  • Successful Staff Management in Manufacturing
  • Successful Selling
  • Successful Selling of Technologically Advanced Products
  • Successful Presenting
  • Successful Key Account Management
  • Successful Regional Sales
  • Successful International Account Management by Phone
  • Successful Purchasing
  • Successful Telemarketing
  • Successful Sales Management


  • Successful Pharmaceutical Selling
  • Successful Selling for IT Businesses
  • Team Building
  • Building a Team and Reconciling Conflict
  • Strategic Selling for IT Businesses
  • Negotiating Challenge Involving Conflict Management
  • Negotiating Challenge
  • Strategic Selling
  • Presenting a New Product
  • Overcoming Customer Resistance
  • Overcoming Resistance in Customer Service
  • Selling Sophisticated Services to Corporate Clients
  • Sales Planning for Distribution Managers
  • Building Distribution Channels
  • Positive Claim Handling
  • Market Planning
  • Sales Planning
  • Negotiating a Purchase
  • Selling Financial Services
  • Mathematical Methods for Inventory Management; Purchasing; ABC, XYZ and QRS Analyses
  • Techniques for Major Sales
  • The SPIN Methodology as a Salesman's Tool
  • Profitability of a Business
  • Managing and Motivating Employees
  • Human Resources Management in a Company: from Engineer to Manager
  • Negotiating
  • Negotiating Purchases with Suppliers
  • Resisting Pressure in Negotiating
  • Negotiating for Purchasing Teams
  • Training for Sales Assistants
  • Training for Trainers
  • Theory and Practices of Commercial Marketing
  • Active POS Selling
  • Active Selling
  • Basic Selling
  • Creative Commercial Marketing



Executive training
  • Managing a Sales Team
  • Managing People
  • Managing a Services Business
  • Planning for Active Sales Input
  • Market Planning
  • Profitability of a Business
  • Successful Sales Management
  • Personalized Management of Every Employee
  • Successful Interaction between the Manager and the Team
  • Managing a Service Team
  • Successful Presentation for Leaders

Training for sales staff
  • Successful Selling (basic course)
  • Telemarketing Part I
  • Telemarketing Part II
  • Negotiating a Sale (advanced level)
  • Argumentative Presentation of Benefits
  • Negotiating by Phone
  • Successful Sales Planning
  • Successful Presentation in Sales
  • Hosting Expos and Trade Fairs
  • POS Selling
  • Personalized Treatment for Every Client
  • Medical Sales Representation for a Pharmaceutical Company
Specialist training
  • Project Management
  • Successful Project Management
  • Contributing to Presentations
  • Training for Client's Customers as a Way to Develop Business
  • Successful Collaboration Inside a Business
  • Team Building
  • Commercial/Technical Negotiating
  • Customer Service at the Bank
  • Advertising as a Sales Tool
  • Successful Product Management
  • Successful Front Room Pharmacist
Secretarial training
  • Secretary as a Company Representative (1)
  • Secretary as a Company Representative (2)
  • Training for Service Staff
  • Client-Oriented Service
  • Positive Claim Handling
  • Additional Sales during Service
  • Phone Operator as a Company Representative
  • Service by a Telecommunications Provider