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Personnel reserve


How to develop and implement the company’s personnel reserve generation system 

How to build an effective system to prepare the personnel reserve for positions of key specialists and executives up to the company general director.

Personnel reserve includes those employees who are able to develop new areas of work in a short time.

This is a special selection of human resources, the most interested in their development and the development of the personnel of company for further promotion. Analogies can be made with the Army reserve.

Filling the vacated or newly created positions as fast as possible, they are able to ensure the effective implementation of the goals and objectives of the company.

It is now one of the key factors that strongly influence the successful development of the company.

 Conditions of the formation of personnel reserve

In order to fill key positions, it becomes strongly relevant to the company executives in the following situations:

1. Company is growing, developing new directions of activity, and a need arises for qualified specialists and managers who are ready and able to lead in these directions.

2. The company is experiencing difficulties in attracting qualified specialists and managers from the "outside" because its activities are of very complex and specific nature, and they require candidates who already have certain staff skills and specialized knowledge from the very beginning.

3. The company is interested to retain young developing professionals with leadership potential, demonstrating high results in their work, interested in their own professional development and ready to contribute to the development of the company.

4. The company aims to build a strong team of professionals who are familiar with internal technology and specifics of business, able to quickly adapt to changes and provide effective solutions to challenges they face.

 Read more about the training of personnel reserve (in Russian)

 Personnel reserve training procedure (in Russian)

Effectively working system to train the personnel reserve provides the following possibilities:

  • Successful achievement of the strategic goals of the company due to strong, well prepared team of managers, experts and employees.
  • Resistance of the company to various organizational changes, which is provided by the current system of development and training of employees, designed to meet forecasts of future organizational development.
  • Shorten the time to adapt for a new employee filling a position. Internal candidates as opposed to ones, borrowed from the external market are already familiar with the structure of the company, its internal communications, key working technologies, corporate culture, so that the terms of their adaptation to the new position are significantly reduced. As a rule, it is possible to see and evaluate the results of the new officer borrowed from the company personnel reserve much earlier than in the case of an employee engaged from the external market.
  • Motivation of employees is increased, as personnel realizes the serious prospects for professional and personal growth in the company, ensured due to the effective system of training for the personnel reserve.
  • When vacant jobs opening by positions, which are reserved in the company, costs of recruitment of staff, both material and temporal, are reduced.

When you have a need to create an internal pool of candidates for key and management positions of the company as a rule, the following questions arise:

  • How to prepare the company for the introduction of the system of personnel reserve and ensure its proper perspective and understanding by all employees?
  • How to create an effective system of work with the personnel reserve, included in corporate HR policy, and associated with the company development strategy?
  • How to select the best candidates in the talent pool?
  • Which approaches and technologies should be used in the development of the personnel reserve?
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of personnel reserve management?


The LiCO company offers effective solutions to these problems and approaches the question of creating a system of formation of personnel reserve, guided by the principle that each company is unique, so specific methods and technologies of forming the personnel reserve should be selected depending on its following peculiarities:

  • The company background and its strategy of future development.
  • The organizational structure of the company.
  • The company staff structure.
  • Human Resources Policy.
  • Corporate culture

The LiCO consultants conduct a detailed study of the current situation and the specific features of the company and, based on these findings, they develop a comprehensive system of work with the personnel reserve.

The main stages of collaborative work of the LiCO consultants, as well as managers and experts of the company to develop and implement the system of the personnel reserve will be: 

Stage 1. Identify the basic principles, rules, mechanisms and procedures of formation of the Company’s personnel reserve


Determine key objectives of a talent pool generation based on the of the company development strategy.


Define the number and the job structure of the personnel reserve.


Classify the personnel reserve by groups, depending on available professional level of candidates and the deadlines required for additional training.


Develop and approve the key criteria of the selection of candidates in the reserve and criteria of the withdrawal of personnel reserve.


Choose specific methods and techniques to generate the personnel reserve, depending on its intended size and job structure.


Determine the company officials who will be involved in various procedures related to the formation and further work with personnel reserve.

Create a special commission to work with the personnel reserve.

Stage 2: The regulation of work with the personnel reserve 


Creating of "Regulation on the company personnel reserve

•Enter information on the personnel reserve in the company HR regulations.

Stage 3: The organization of internal PR work to create the personnel reserve 


Prepare and implement information (PR) campaign for staff in order to implement a system of work with the personnel reserve. Inform employees about the importance of the personnel reserve for the successful development of the company, the goals to create a talent pool, the main stages of the reserve formation, the company executives and employees’ role in the process of creating a personnel reserve. Select the most effective ways to keep staff informed may be used depending on the structure of the company, internal communications and corporate culture.

Stage 4. Selection of candidates for the personnel reserve


4.1 Procedure of selection for the personnel reserve by assessing:

• current professional level of candidates

  • the degree of development of key competencies in candidates approved for reserved job vacancy
  • leadership potential


Analysis of the results of the selection of candidates for the talent pool.


Making decisions about enrollment in the personnel reserve those candidates who have successfully passed the selection procedure.

Stage 5. Feedback to candidates after considering the results of evaluation. 


Conduct feedback sessions with all candidates who have passed the procedure of selection in the personnel reserve

Development of individual development plans jointly with each employee regardless of the outcome of the selection procedure.

Stage 6. Approval of the personnel reserve composition


Approval of personalized and staffing level of the reserve groups on the results of the selection process.

Stage 7. The personnel reserve preparation


Curricula formation for each group in the personnel reserve.

Development of a corporate "Personnel Reserve School”.


Implementation of development and training programs

Stage 8. Evaluation of progress of staff enrolled in the Company’s personnel reserve


Analysis of current performance of the staff enrolled in the personnel reserve. Measuring the effectiveness of work according to individual development plans and corporate business trainings program on the topics.


Withdrawal of the personnel reserve the staff with poor performance in accordance with established criteria.

Stage 9. Selection of candidates of the reserve to be appointed to the vacant position


Assessment of the reserve candidates to be appointed to vacant positions.

Stage 10. Evaluate the effectiveness of work with personnel reserve


Analysis of the personnel knowledge and skills, the utilization rate, staff turnover in the company talent pool.

For each of the ten stages, the LiCO’s consultants present specific rules and technologies of their implementation in the company.

And taking into account the particular features of an enterprise or a company, make recommendations to enable the Customer company executives at each of the stages to:

  • Effectively plan the implementation of all activities and procedures.
  • Perform concerted actions, excluding the possibility of conflict.
  • Make appropriate and well-founded decisions.