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Recently, an increasing number of Russian executives, thinking about business development, strengthening their market position and the maintenance of good company image in the eyes of customer, develop, implement or improve the company's Corporate standards.

Corporate standards are a description of the specific principles, rules and technologies to implement certain types of work undertaken in the company and approved by the various corporate regulations. Successfully determination and development of corporate standards impact not only business and interpersonal relationships in the team, with customers and partners, but also on the corporate image and reputation in the market and in the relevant business environment.

The need to regulate companies’ internal and external life with aid of corporate standards is independent of the number of employees, but it is determined, first of all, by the company's strategy and business tasks at this stage of its development. The Company's Corporate standards are important and useful because they allow to agree about that we are doing business here and now, what is accepted and what is not; what is approved and what is unacceptable in the company. Thus, the standards bring clarity to the company’s work by introducing required behaviors of employees with both internal customers (company’s employees / workfellows), and with external customers and partners. Corporate standards enable to build faster and introduce the personnel reserve, quickly acquaint them with the affairs with aid of a necessary business seminar or business training.

Corporate standards are developed in accordance with the Mission, values, and goals and tasks of the current and strategic development of the company. A key purpose of corporate standards is to develop and maintain highly professional approach to the work, leading to the successful development of the company, which must be applied by each employee.

It happens... "So, dear colleagues, I am representing our new corporate dress code in the office..".

But it is possible that it would be more properly for your company to get dressed differently?

LiCO company develops and further introduces corporate standards to effectively influence the internal and external activities of the company in the process of implementation of key business processes, as well as to conduct an objective assessment of employees and business units’ work:

  • Standards of corporate behavior of employees.
  • Standards of customer relations.
  • Standards for Customer Service: they are designed for large retailer networks, salons, restaurants, service and information
    (CALL-) centers.
  • Standards of customer interaction.
  • Standards of effective sales: for B2B sales units.
  • The standards governing internal communications and technologies of interaction between departments and units of the company (standard for interaction with the internal customers).
  • Standards to perform specific types of work in the implementation of key business processes.
  • The standards to conduct training within the company and business training.

LiCO consultants develop and implement corporate standards in the company on the basis of a mandatory preliminary diagnosis of the current situation in the company and the evaluation of existing systems, technologies and standards of work using the following methods:

  • focus group.
  • diagnostic interviews with employees and managers of the company.
  • survey of the company's employees on the basis of specially designed questionnaires.
  • evaluation of the system and the quality of customer service by the "Mystery Shopper".
  • analysis of existing rules, technologies and performance standards.
  • Study of the existing system of assessment performed quality of the work.

The results of the preliminary diagnosis of the current situation in the company are "raw material" for the follow-up of the LiCO consultants over the content of future corporate standards, and the form and content of corporate standards will depend on the business processes and the technology used by the company, high quality performing of which they are aimed to regulate.

The importance of corporate standards is especially evident when it comes to assessing the company's staff.

After all, if there is no agreement on what rules the company lives, it is not clear that, respectively, who must be assessed and controlled.