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Workshop Sale through the Smart Selling method

In Moscow, a corporate business training was held for employees of large wholesale b2b operator in the business literature and the online store of foreign literature.

A two-day training course titled "Effective
Sale through the Smart Selling method" was conducted by the LiCO' business coach Oleg Shcheglov.

The business seminar was attended by facilitators- consultants to work with the regions, as well as the company’s executives of the Moscow and Yaroslavl branches.

As a result of intensive work, all participants received both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

There were identified such strengths of the training as customer mapping, honing technique to conduct cold calling to b2b clients, modeling of practical situations, and overcoming barriers to communication, team work, performance cases.

Yaroslavl Branch Director thanked the LiCO company and wished "'to work in the same, right direction"

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