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Training to develop personnel reserve at the place of production

In Kirovsk, Stage 4 of the corporate training took place for a major mining company.

 The program named "Developing  personnel reserve at the place of production" is aimed to promote the personnel work capacity.

20 percent of the workshop time was spent to give theoretical information, while practical business games and case studies took remaining 80% of the time. Major developing competency skills were "decision making" and "systems thinking."

 Short-term course lasted only two days, but, during this period of time, the program participants mastered new and useful skills and knowledge, and what is most importantly, received much energy for further productive activities, thanks to the experience and qualifications of the the LiCO company trainers.


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"Кадровый резерв: как его формировать, развивать и вводить в состав"

How to form, develop, train and assingn the personnel reserve members to fill a position

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