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Sales funnel Training program for executives

Sales Funnel Training for top executives

  In the LiCO conference room for trainings in Moscow a two-day business training was conducted for top managers of a leading company in the field of design and construction of workspaces.

Corporate training on topic "Sales Funnel for executives" has been successfully conducted by a LiCO business trainer.

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Sales Funnel  is not new topic for business trainings, but the question is in its relevance and applicability in the business, where active work is being done to implement more accurate forms of management control over sales; where the "triangle" managerial skills in the personnel reserve, operating managers and top executives is being rebuilt, by accurately coordinating their joint actions during the company rapid growth. The original purpose was different - the employees were going to hold a business training in negotiations, but in the difficult moment of restructuring, such issue of business education that concerned distinct distribution of stages and calculating the transitions coefficients  between these stages turned out to be for groups of sales executives much more effective tool. The tool enables performing an accurate adjustment of each of the stages due to its measurability in the so-called "sales funnel."

The motivation of a group of leaders was so high that no one was not seen as being late in the morning of the second day. A separate training project inside the company is training programs for St. Petersburg branch, perhaps an open training in sales management will be more useful for colleagues from the North-West, and then in the second half of the year and this leaders team will also take part in such a business seminar.


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