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New business training Effective sales negotiations


The 3 stage of business training "Effective sales negotiations: result achievement and cooperation development” has held in Moscow for supervisors.

For Sales Force

                                                         Effective negotiations based on new sales model

Target group:


The course make it possible to understand your preferred style of thinking, gives possibilities to improve communication, leadership skills, management, problem solving, decision-making skills, and other aspects of personal and interpersonal development.

If you are able to quickly identify the mental dominant of another person and take it into account when interacting with them, it will allow you to:

• faster create a trustful relationship of trust;

• stronger influence.

Parts of this programm #1 an #2:

1. Using the special features of other people in getting out a message

  1. First dominance instrument
  2. To determine a type of interlocutor
  3. Effective communication with representatives of various dominance

2. Creating trust and increase "creditworthiness"

  1. The first impression when making contact
  2. How catch your interlocutor interest
  3. How to make communication easy and convenient
  4. "Temporary diverting conversation away"
  5. Non-verbal aspects of establishing contact
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