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Moscow cheered business trainings

Moscow cheered business trainings. Moscow took business trainings very well. The Customer is happy, and it only matters.

Here is what he says to the project manager: "We conducted two courses and preparation for them. Now we know that for good reason, all our planned corporate trainings are successful".

The customer's feedback on the conducted trainings:

"Well organized business trainings for my employees from Moscow and the Moscow Region. I myself have previously attended various trainings and workshops in other companies- providers of business education. I considered myself as a 'crack shot' in these matters, I have seen various training companies in the last seven years, more than a dozen of them.

And now I'm surprised: LiCO trainers found, we can say, found the way of adapting the program for corporate standards of our company. I saw how the LiCO project manager adjusting to us and for our large corporate training progra, was able to attract the leading coach-practitioner to conduct a business training for us.  It was very noticeable in the first
training session, and we were impressed how positively it affected the second training environment. Due to this, early in the second training trust among participants has grown rapidly and been strengthened thank to practical examples given by the trainer from our business field.

With confidence I declare that the first and second business training sessions were cheered and accepted by my subordinates with enthusiasm!

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Waiting for the results, we believe that in May 2013 we will repeat business trainings similar to ones that took place in Moscow and for two other groups in the regions: try

out, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar and Rostov on Donu are already waiting for training. I am sure we well conduct a training for one group. At the very outside, we will send five other fighters-salespeople to an open training conducted by LiCO, thank to God, while the going is good. The training budget is already approved by CEO, open training is really open to us. We will begin to prepare our sales personnel reserve closer to July ... In short, there is something and whom to work with... "


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