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Course Difficult negotiations in complex sale

Difficult negotiations in complex sale Difficult negotiations in complex sale corporate training was held by the LiCO company. Business seminar took place in one of the best hotels of the city of Krasnodar. Employees of a large engineering company were business course paricipants. A few days before the business training, distance learning was conducted for the workshop participants.

The course consisted of a series of sale stages, each of which was "polished" during the training. Employees of Krasnodar, Izhevsk and St. Petersburg branches of the company did a great job and were able to develop both a new style in the b2b sales and a team approach to working with designers, executives of installation contractors and representatives of general contractors. Video shooting and an opportunity to work out exactly every step in the negotiations with the DM (customer decision-makers), pass through all stages of the work with the client from the cold call to writing written proposal (P) and discuss it with the DM, all of this greatly contributed to the better branch employees involvement.


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