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Corporate training.Effective sales skills

Spring training

From the second decade of February to early March 2016, the company LiCO conducted business trainings on effective sales skills in several cities of the Russian Federation and Belarus: Volgograd, Brest, Minsk and Omsk.

Courses were held for dealers and employees of one of the world's largest companies in sales of high-quality, summer, winter tires for passenger cars.

Business training effective sales skills

Today, the company manufactures it’s products on several continents of the world and enters the world rankings in terms of sales.

The training was conducted by the LiCO business coaches from several cities together with the specialists, sales and marketing of the manufacturer.

Business training effective sales skills

The training program consisted of the following topics:

  • The current situation in sales of the dealers in 2016 and the basic needs of motorists
  • Presentation of the company's new products for 2016
  • Technology sales in a tire shop for sales professionals
  • Presentation of summer tires the manufacturer and their distinctive qualities
  • Convincing working with objections (theory and practice with examples of specific models)
  • Arguments and work with objections: responses to the questions of the participants and typical stamps of the buyer

Workshops Sales tire manufacturer in several groups in the business game were held with a bang. 

Business training effective sales skills

During the training dealers sales managers received important answers to their  most pressing issues. Among them such questions as: «How to help the client understand what he wants?» , «How to convince him of the benefits of buying tires of this particular manufacturer?»,  «How to turn a customer's objection to the request for the montage?»

To such questions sellers dealers got designed algorithms, typical techniques and understanding how to work effectively with clients.

Tire industry is not standing still. Increasing competition, customers become pickier. Nowadays in situation of the availability of information, clients have a very different requests, claims and idea of what they want. Therefore, techniques sales of tires are improving. Managers should be true professionals, easily interpreted how in players of the market, and with the necessary psychological and communicative skills. Therefore it is necessary to conduct practical courses for sellers.

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