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Corporate Standards and Educational Technology New article

In the Articles Section on the site LiCO, in the Customer Care Subsection," a new interesting article titled "Toyota Corporate Standards”. Part 1 and 2." was published.

We recommend it to read to those who is interested in increasing the motivation for the development of production and who understand the importance of corporate standards for the company. This is a great and truthful article that by recognizing weaknesses and problems still covers the subject. The purpose of publishing is to increase the relevance of corporate standards in the eyes of journalists and the public. The author touched a little upon the question of business trainings and education.


Corporate standards are voluntarily adopted restrictions, especially in the set of actions, behaviors and rules followed by the employees. They can be "written", ie, formal ones, existing in written form; there are according to them business trainings are conducted, and there are also "unwritten" rules, lex non scripta, but everybody also knows and follows them. In many ways they are related to the type of corporate culture.

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This article refers to some aspects, mainly technical ones...

 Corporate standards Part 1

Corporate standards Part 2

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