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corporate business training for Egger

Business training in corporate format for EGGER

Some time ago, in the Ivanovo region in the field, Shuya in "Grand Hotel" was a series of business training.

Purpose: To develop knowledge and skills in business communication, both with partners and between colleagues.

Participants were from the "EGGER Drevproduct" company.

For a few days the Egger colleagues from the town of Shuya and from the Gagarinsky Plywood  Plant have developed their skills in the field of business communications, both orally and in writing (business correspondence).

Business training was held by a successful and well-prepared business trainer Denis Maksymiuk.

While the development project running, more than 35 workfellows from two Egger’s plants have been trained.

Executives carefully approached the process of preselection, with the advice of their immediate supervisors.

Training participants were able to analyze both the communication between departments and employees, and generally in the organization.

The company executives were able to assess their strengths and identify their weak points, to understand their colleagues deeper, by refining and properly segmenting them by type. They were able to develop their skills, having received information about the non-verbal communication information. Particular interest was evoked by the training unit dedicated to the algorithm of conventional and complex negotiations.


Business writing rules were understood and accepted by the group with a particular enthusiasm.

Deeply immersed into the issue, the participants were able to lead several rounds of talks. Sometimes the stress and excitement of the process was transmitted even to one of the observers. Team members were able to apply their knowledge as well as to learn and master the skills.

After the training, Denis gave to each negotiator the feedback and necessary recommendations, outline possible areas of development.


Participants recorded the plan to develop communication skills and business negotiations, this plan will contribute both to the growth of skills, and to the future development of the EGGER company.

Participants note that corporate training not only helped them to expand professional horizons and acquire new knowledge, but also allowed to communicate with workfellows in the other way, relax and eat tasty food.

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