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Business training for sales managers Zvenigorod

effective sales training

The corporate business training for sales managers has successfully held in Zvenigorod.

Training topic was “Negotiation Skills”.

Course brief:

  • Training success;
  • Stages and objectives of work with clients.
  • Goals achievement strategy;
  • Participants characters;
  • SMART SELLING: customer's card;
  • SMART SELLING strategy;
  • Negotiation’s structure;
  • Preparing for negotiations;
  • Client informative card;
  • Opening of negotiations;
  • Client’s current situation;
  • Client’s plans and needs;
  • Product  and service requirements;
  • Evaluation methods;
  • Making reasons process;
  • Working with objections;
  • Bargaining methods;
  • Fixing agreements;
  • Training results.

Negotiation Skills training

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