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Business training Effective sales 04-09.08.2014

In Moscow for pharmaceutical company staff the corporate business training successfully held.

Education has been organized for 5 different groups and consisted of two independent courses:

1. Effective sales and cooperation with clients.

  • Basic idea of successful deal.
  • Planning of visit. Customer’s segmentation.
  • Visit structure.
  • Meeting preparation.
  • Successful visit start.
  • Client’s situation clarification.
  • Current situation analyses.
  • Client’s plans and needs.
  • Products requirements. Decision making methods.
  • Convincing arguments.
  • Objections.
  • Fixing agreements.
  • Planning future actions. Training results.

2. Effective sales management and results achievement.

  • Successful management. Leadership strategy.
  • Sales goals. Risks and opportunities.
  • Team sales strategy.
  • Levels of staff management.
  • Control methods.
  • Setting goals.
  • Staff motivation.
  • Personnel development. Coaching.
  • Feedback. Corporate business training results.

Effective sales and cooperation with clients

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