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Active sales business training in St. Petersburg

3-day corporate business training for employees of large company providing energy efficient solutions and supplying ventilation equipment took place in St. Petersburg.

The company's experts have been trained on topic ‘Managing Results in Project Sales Based on the Smart Selling technique".

SMART SELLING is the author's concept of active sales owned by the LiCO company. Its basic idea is easy and intuitive representation of the situation by the customer concerning each member of the decision making process.

New teaching methods of the LiCO company, including SMART SELLING - strategic sales technique, were awarded TRAINING LEADERSHIP AWARD 2008-2009.

Based on a SMART SELLING map, participants learnt to enhance the loyalty of members of the decision making process, to build effective sales strategies and strengthen the cumulative impact on the final decision of a customer concerning the choice of solution and supplier.

As a result of the training session, the participants had strong motivation for further development. The LiCO’s  business trainers believe that the successful training program will become a solid foundation for long-term relationship with the Customer. The success of the carried business training program is confirmed by ovation given from the participants and their positive feedback.

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