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3 days business training Active Sales

3-day corporate business seminar was held for employees of a large company specializing in office equipment sales.

This business workshop titled Active Sales was conducted by leading LiCO trainer. His work was excellent!

The training program led by the business coach was composed considering customer requirements. The company leaders' request was to be focused on the following topics:

- Selfconfidence during business negotiations as a vital factor (it was taken into account while the trainer working with the participants).

- Phone as one of important tools for sales manager in order to get maximum benefit.

Practical skills of business communication.

Specific features of the business training:

in the first place, the negotiating training was related to self-negotiation skills because they turned to be vulnerable spots in the sales force.

Participants were also trained in successful business negotiations, some diagnostic skills to persuade counterparts in business negotiations, mastering practice skills

of negotiating, reaching an agreement and closing the meeting with the client.

Mastering practical skills aimed at effective sales, training with the aid of video shooting and its review with clarifications, mastering the most effective ways to influence the client.

Learning of practical skills of interpersonal communication during business negotiations for salespeople.

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