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28-30.11.14 Effective business training Sales techniques

28-30.11.14 Effective business training successfully passed by trainer Victor Gorbunov in LiCO’s conference room in St. Petersburg.

Topic of corporate seminar “Sales techniques”.  

Participant: wholesale company.

Workshop brief:

1. Introduction. Personal profiles filling.
2. Influencing factors. Training main idea. Scheme.
3. Sales formula.
4. Partnership levels.
5. B2B customers needs.
6. Influence methods.
7. Relationship between manager and customer.
8. Scheme of b2b client dealing.
9. Phone negotiations.
10. Negotiations with secretary.
11. First meeting.
12. Second meeting.
13. Opening of meeting.
14. Meeting plan.
15. Clarification of information about client.
16. Arguments preparation.
17. Work with opposition.
18. Summing up. Training results.
19. Negotiations outcome.
20. Actions after training.
21. Opinions analyze. 

training participant in LiCO’s conference room in St. Petersburg

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