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04-06.03.2015 Corporate business training: “Sales strategy”

04-06.03.2015 Corporate business training: “Sales strategy”

The corporate business training successfully held in Moscow for the scaffolding supplier.

Seminar topic “SALES EXCELLENCE, Module 1:  Customer analysis and sales strategy”.

Course brief:

1. Sales target. Goal achievement stages. Tactics.
2. Decision group characteristics.
3. Influence on the decision.
4. Loyalty evaluation.
5. Communications evaluation.
6. Motivation and decision making.
7. Customer's card.
8. Successful negotiations stricture.
9. Preparing for negotiations.
10. Negotiations launch.
11. Information clarification.
12. Client’s current situation.
13. Client’s plans and needs.
14. Client’s  requirements to product, company, support.
15. Decision and choice.
16. Convincing arguments.
17. Objections solution.
18. Fixing training results.


SALES EXCELLENCE, Module 1:  Customer analysis and sales strategy

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