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Secrets of a successful training company

This section describes and presents in the news what business trainings, consulting projects, and evaluation methods are used by the LiCO company.

We tell in summary about our methods and techniques, expanding repeatedly understanding of our clients about our work. Just a couple of words about our consulting projects. It is important not to miss the event, it can be very useful for you. For example, people in your industry who has already used the new tool - project management simulator, who has ordered personnel competency assessment in Moscow, who uses employee time study, who had business trainings in leadership and so on ...

How and where there are conducted corporate trainings, business trainings, and business seminars in different cities of Russia, public workshops and consulting in LiCO company.

Who ordered the simulator Simultrain, which have been completed -  all the events are mentioned on our website.

 business trainings and consalting

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11 March in Moscow, a conference was organized "Round tablefor HR Directors "EPOCH of CHANGES"

In February and March 2016 passed business trainingson effective sales in several cities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The 3 stage of business training "Effective sales negotiations: result achievement and cooperation development” has held in Moscow.

The LiCO is pleased to present to you and your colleagues the Training program schedule for 2015 - 2016.

28-29.05.15 Effective business training successfully passed by trainer in LiCO.

04-06.03.2015 Corporate business training: “Sales strategy”..

27-28.02.2015 The corporate business training “Excellent customer service” successfully held in Moscow...

26.02.2015 Business training “Leadership development” successfully held in Ekaterinburg for the cellular company...

17-19.02.2015 the corporate business training successfully held in Moscow...

09-11.02.2015 The corporate training program “Effective sales management (Module 1)” successfully held in Moscow...

05-06.02.2015 Corporate business training “Client’s conflict resolution: result achievement and cooperation development” successfully held in St. Petersburg...