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Kuusakoski feedback

Reference Letter

We see in the approach of LiCO flexibility, readiness to go to meet the client, the ability to meet our current needs and build the entire training process orientated at our certain requirements.

LiCO favorably differs from other companies - the team is young and pleasant in communication, the processes inside the company are built competently, the structure is clear, that is why the process of organization and holding of corporative trainings is well thought-out and worked-out step by step. It is easy to work with the company technically. Consultants care for the client's requirements, they treat their work with proper responsibility, and we always get their timely response regarding all positions.

The training helped us look to the work organization of our subdivisions in a new way, more systematically, to see  the necessity of constant self-work and forming of the team of like-minded persons.

Thank you very much for the interesting and dynamic training. The training allowed us looking at ourselves from aside, to see our strong and weak points, as well as the possibilities for further growth.

We would like to thank the entire company, you are real crackjacks! All information is rendered pictorially, clearly, easy to understand and well-structured. We would like to express gratitude to everybody who took part in organization and holding of the training.

General director Kuusakoski
T. Mikkonen

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