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Feedback of Danone Industria

With this letter, we would like to thank LiCO, and personally Oleg Shcheglov and Maksim Kikot for their great service to Danone Industria.

In partnership with LiCO, we launched a development training's program for production supervisors at our factory in Chekhov during that time period, which involved establishing an appraisal center and completing two training modules: Human Resources Management in Manufacturing and Successful Goal Achievement. In addition, a Training for Trainers course was taught for the company's internal trainers.

We would like to particularly commend the readiness of Lintec Consulting to meet our requirements for training content and cater to our company's specific manufacturing needs and corporate ethics.

The above-mentioned programs were designed and delivered very professionally. The support sessions, which are an integral part of LiCO training, added to the impact of the training, helping participants put their new knowledge into action, generate feedback, review their mistakes and make adjustments. Moreover, all participants praised the friendly, informal atmosphere of the workshops, which helped consolidate the team.

We hope that our further collaboration with Lintec Consulting will be just as successful.

Best Regards,
Ekaterina Morozova,
Organizational Change Manager,
Danone Industria OOO
Chekhov Factory, Moscow Region

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