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Feedback from OJSC Power Machines, being part of the Severstal Holding


Feedback of cooperation with the LiCO company

Power Machines, OJSC expresses its gratitude to the LiCO company for the conducted corporate business training programs “Project Management with SimulTrain” for project supervisors of sales directorates.


The training gave possibility to the participants of the business training with business simulator SimulTrain to interactively manage projects: manage resources, monitor the project implementation, make decisions in stressful situations, adequately react to the challenges arising in the process of project management.


A significant advantage of the conducted program was virtual environment where the projects that the participants worked on have been transferred.

According to the participants, the sessions were of practical utility, focused on solving business problems, as well as the testing of theoretical knowledge.


We would like to mention the LiCO company ability to meet current and future customer needs, building the whole process of learning with a focus on our specific needs, as well as consistency in conducting training and prompt resolution of all organizational issues.

The LiCO company is our reliable supplier and partner, able to develop the personnel of OJSC Power Machines.


We are ready to continue cooperation with the LiCO company in the field of enhancing competences of the Power Machines key employees.


Development Director,

Power Machines, OJSC

EV Agafonova 


Бизнес тренинги LiCO

Корпоративные тренинги LiCO

Открытые тренинги LiCO

Управление проектами с симулятором Simultrain

Dear Tatiana and Elizaveta,

Thanks for the great Human Resources Management workshop and training you did for Swedwood! It was very illuminating and useful. All participants thought it was excellent. We hope to keep working with you in next year.

With kind regards,
Svetlana Volkova
SWEDWOOD, HR Manager – Russia

With this letter, we would like to thank LiCO, and personally Oleg Shcheglov and Maksim Kikot for their great service to Danone Industria.

In partnership with LiCO, we launched a development training's program for production supervisors at our factory in Chekhov during that time period, which involved establishing an appraisal center and completing two training modules: Human Resources Management in Manufacturing and Successful Goal Achievement. In addition, a Training for Trainers course was taught for the company's internal trainers.

We would like to particularly commend the readiness of Lintec Consulting to meet our requirements for training content and cater to our company's specific manufacturing needs and corporate ethics.

The above-mentioned programs were designed and delivered very professionally. The support sessions, which are an integral part of LiCO training, added to the impact of the training, helping participants put their new knowledge into action, generate feedback, review their mistakes and make adjustments. Moreover, all participants praised the friendly, informal atmosphere of the workshops, which helped consolidate the team.

We hope that our further collaboration with Lintec Consulting will be just as successful.

Best Regards,
Ekaterina Morozova,
Organizational Change Manager,
Danone Industria OOO
Chekhov Factory, Moscow Region

With this letter we would like to thank LiCO company employees Oleg Shcheglov and Maksim Kikot, who ran several training programs for Danone staff. Some of the programs they taught were Time Management, Training for Trainers and Taking Decision-Making Initiative.

All programs were delivered on a high professional level, as vindicated by participants' comments.

In our opinion, some of LiCO's strengths are attention and initiative during preparation, and the fact that they are serious about post-training support.

We plan to continue our partnership with LiCO, hoping it will remain as successful as before.

Best Regards,
Yulia Bobrova,
Training Manager,
Danone Industria LLC

Comment from the Russian IT Forum : Russia 's Information Technology Market, Olgino.

Hello, Maksim,

We would like to thank you and your colleagues for your valuable contribution to this conference.

Although I was unable to attend any of your master classes, other participants told me many great things about you.

There were no negative aspects at all.

Once again, thanks a lot!

Incidentally, a report from this conference will be published in one of the next issues of CRN IT Business.

I'm sure we'll see each other again some time LiCO training company.

Sergei Shkambarny,
Business Event Center,
SK Press Publishing

MTS Feedback

Hi, Maksim,

I would like to thank you once again for the workshop and training you did on April 7 through 9. I would like to note that, apart from the benefits of the LiCO workshop, I really enjoyed your company.

I wrote “confidence” on my expectations list.

I had this meeting at 9 this morning, and I felt very strongly that the time I spent in St. Petersburg was precious for me.

Once again, THANKS BIG TIME!

I hope we will use your company more than once again in the future.

Thank you!

Irina Andrianova,
Key Account Manager,
Severo-Zapad MR, Murmansk

Aquarius feedback

Dear Maksim,


Aquarius hereby thanks LiCO for its Successful Argumentation workshop and training held for our partners in Moscow on 23-25 November.


Our poll showed that all participants were very happy with the training they had received. The workshop was a success. All participants, including our own employees, enjoyed the debates, carefully noted the trainer's practical advice, reviewed frequently made mistakes (to avoid them in the future), and eagerly shared their impressions with us.


With Best Wishes,
Natalia Novikova,
Head of Marketing Department
Aquarius PK

Comment from the Successful Selling workshop run for Severnye Strely

The workshop and training was excellent. My expectations were fully justified.

Many of our employees are successfully using their new skills in their work.

Our organization has received a fresh injection of positive energy and team spirit.

Your post-training support was also great, and I'm glad I picked this training option. Your post-training support has plunged our staff into their new knowledge and active sales techniques for two months, helping every employee identify their communication problems and transform new knowledge into solid, real competencies under the guidance of professionals.

Thank you, LiCO!

Aleksander Kosmin,
Director of Sales,
Severnye Strely Trading

Dear Messrs. LiCO,

Thank you for your Successful Presenting workshop and training, in Yaroslavl  for our company's management.

Interestingly, apart from its mission to teach about successful presentation, the workshop proved helpful in other aspects as well: it helped us all learn more about each other

(something we have no time to do in our regular working hours); we discussed many common issues in an informal setting and, finally, we received a charge of energy that we really needed for our business to be successful.

We'll look forward to seeing you again in Yaroslavl  with a new workshop and training.

Svetlana Prokhorova,
Vice President for Marketing,
Kami-Sever Group

Dear Messrs. LiCO,

1. Thank you for your excellent Successful Presenting workshop and training! We have polled our participants, and they seem to have really enjoyed it. The more inquisitive of them are asking if they can get that PowerPoint presentation we reviewed for mistakes at the workshop. Is that possible?

2. We feel we should consider taking your Successful Negotiating by Phone course as well. Our receptionists need it and, possibly, our customer support people who always deal with customers by phone, doing the type of thing we call “distance administration.”

Olga Smolenskaya,
Human Resources Manager