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Trainings fields and geography

 Map of the LiCO training locations

Since its incorporation, the LiCO company worked in more than 90 cities in 9 countries. There are many cities marked on the map, some of them are visible at a glance.

Is it possible to order a training in your city? LiCO says yes! Call our manager, maybe that's your project (business, corporate or open training) that will be very successful.

From January to December, our coaches fly to their customers and conduct training and consulting projects in dozens of cities.

LiCO training locations


 The LiCO Company is very jealous of its reputation of honest and open partner. Our partnership with many clients has evolved over the years. And we put in the word ‘client’ more than a simple opportunity to make a deal. Together with our contractual partners, we worried about their results, we achieve the success, we are happy for their success. And the work of our partner is the more effective, the more effective the LiCO company just feels yourself. Our clients are our pride, our orders and medals, our clients are a measure of our achievements.


We are immensely grateful to our partners for the experience we have gained with them over the years of work. Over 500 different companies and enterprises from nearly 40 industries gave credence to LiCO. Customers’ belief in the LiCO’s professionalism is our capital!


In the period 2001-2012, the LiCO consultants conducted business trainings and consulting for companies of the following industries (links are given to webpages in Russian)


The LiCO clients are located not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

For more information, please contact our consultants:


Moscow: (495) 748 01 82, St. Petersburg: (812) 331 98 03