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How to drive active sales

When customer service managers hear from their manager strong and emotional words like "You have to sell more! We have to work with customers better!’, it is not hard to guess that sellers speak mentally, and even out him: "Well, we are working like oxen, we are getting there, and we sell as much as we can. " It is painfully familiar situation to many companies. In this situation, what is a "measure" between the indicators "many" or "few", how good or how bad sales division can sell?

 To ensure regular operation of the sales department, to increase sales volumes it is necessary to ensure effective and goal oriented management of managers. One of the most successful ways to achieve this goal is to introduce a technology, clear and understandable to employees, used in the work of sales department head. In today's world, technology is a key to become competitive, not only in production, but also in building business processes in the company sales system. To create a required technology as the basis of the sales system, is to develop customer-oriented complex: staff - processes - product - motivation.

 It is easier with the first three elements than with the last one. Successful executives said that the main thing in the sales managers work is to orient properly their motivation, to focus proper efforts on the development and growth of the personal contribution by each of managers of the sales department. Personal contribution is quantifiablekey actions performed by an employee to achieve a result: his own result and results of division as a whole.

The department head, when selecting a specific style of management, can create a kind of "measure" and " standard " for each of the managers based on their experience, knowledge, skills, character, competence, areas of work, composition and type of customers, commodity supply, etc. In line with it, the leader can produce not only a trivial estimate of performance standards of the sales targets, but also to assess personal contribution of the employee in achieving the results, that is, a list of actions by subordinate towards the client. Such an assessment can serve as a basis of right motivation: Leader understands what, how, and how much a sales manager does, he directs and corrects his actions, brings changes to these actions depending on the changed strategy and tactics of the unit in the market. For example, in this way, you can determine if the said employee leads difficult negotiations with the target group of customers, or if he works with the proper people in the Customer company. It becomes easier to the leader to set a goal for his subordinate, it is easier to break this goal into tasks and milestones. In turn, the manager realizes what he needs to focus his efforts to in each situation. In the minds of leader and managers there is a common understanding of how often you need to call or meet with customers, whom to contact, what values of commodity supply should be demonstrated to representative of the customer company in order to achieve greater results. How will it affect the sales volume, the profit, quality of product range. In this case, there is no limits to leader’s creativity, as long as he does not fall into fanaticism, for example, to plan each step of the subordinate.

Corporate business training sessions in sales management cunducted by the LiCO trainers led to the conclusion that those companies, which introduced the system of work, summarized above, demonstrate their activity. Respectively, efficiency of sales depts increases by several tens of percent, depending on industry or market saturation.

 Thus, the head armory is enhanced with one more technique to ensure the sales plan execution and to keep the situation in the sale department under control. Is it not such a tool more often leaders dream of? The right decision in this case is to learn the system, and to teach it to your sales team.