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Topical Articles about training, consulting


In this section we publish articles, notes, feature stories, events descriptions that are related to the LiCO training company. 

We are eager to describe every project because all of them are interesting, but it is not always possible. If successful, it can turn into an article or a feature story. We keep collecting them in the section.

Sometimes our clients, unexpectedly to us, publish articles and stories about LiCO and interaction with the company in the most unusual ways or places. For example, in a factory or corporate newspaper, wall newspaper on the wall in the client's office.

 We carefully collect these materials about us.

For the convenience of the reader or viewer, we should enumerate the articles written by company employees, features stories or essays written by professional correspondents, and articles written by clients themselves.

 List of articles by the CEO of LiCO company, Kikot Maxim:

 List of articles by other employees:

 List of professional stories:

 List of articles and comments of our clients about LiCO:

Training companies Their Purpose and Function

In sport, they do not ask what they need constant trainings for. Similarly, the experts have any questions why they should upgrade their skills. However, executives often make dissatisfied and fundamental statements as follows:

- Why do we need business training? And we are coping not bad, without any trainings. And also by and large, we recruit the best candidates to our company, make corporate events, set them proper purposes...

We do not need training ... things are going well ...

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Direct Sales



 According to some estimates, the efficiency of direct sales in Russia is growing by 15%.

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 To make a customer more loyal or committed, companies often organize different target program and PR-activities, but without a certain system of customer service, they do not always justify their tasks. Meanwhile, one of the most effective tools designed to develop customer loyalty, is now the corporate standards of customer service.

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How to drive active sales?

When customer service managers hear from their manager strong and emotional words like "You have to sell more! We have to work with customers better!’, it is not hard to guess that sellers speak mentally, and even out him: "Well, we are working like oxen, we are getting there, and we sell as much as we can. " It is painfully familiar situation to many companies. In this situation, what is a "measure" between the indicators "many" or "few", how good or how bad sales division can sell?

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IT Forum in the city on the Neva

We carefully collect these materials about us.

 Spring 2005. - IT-forum (called ‘IT Forum 2005: The Russian Market of Information Technology’) was first held in the North-West region. The conference was held May 17-18 at the St. Petersburg hotel" Ol'gino "and attracted over a hundred experts from more than a dozen cities - companies top managers, technical and commercial managers, product and sales managers, marketing service managers, etc...

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New issue of our time: "How to sell more?"

Training programs ‘Negotiations’ and, particularly, ‘Difficult Negotiations’ constantly lead in demand among business customers of the LiCO workshops.

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