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About LiCO

Established at the end of 1999, LiCO company is now active in two areas of business:

1. Corporate business training and open programs; 

2. Management and HR Consulting.

In the fields of training and Management Consulting, the company sees its mission as human resources development for its clients in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

By “Development” we mean staff training through workshops, and structural improvements across the client organization through management consulting.

LiCO usually focuses on growing companies that want to accelerate their growth.


Over the years, LiCO has staked out its place as a foremost Russian training and consulting company, and earned solid reputation as a dependable business partner.

We owe our success to our clients' confidence in us, and our company commitment to delivering top quality and value, bolstered by our professional expertise and profound insight into the subtleties of the training process.

Our consulting services rest securely on fair, civilized business practices, which we help our clients to nurture and promote.

LiCO currently employs two dozen staff in its several offices across Russia, and operates its own training facilities. All LiCO employees are committed to long-term partnership, and they know how to build and maintain one.

If we were asked to name one single trait that distinguishes LiCO the most, we would name its ability to promptly react to new or changing client needs.

We are convinced that the professionalism, dedication and quality performance of our staff and sales work towards our clients' growth and prosperity.

With Best Regards,
Maxim Kikot,
General Director,